We want to hear your audio stories!

We love sound-rich stories that make us think, make us laugh, and take us to places near and far. We especially love pieces based in Durham, in North Carolina, or made by local radio producers.

Local, to us, means showcasing the work of producers who live in North Carolina, whether or not your story takes place here. We are always interested in stories about the South that show the richness and complexity of the region. We would especially like to hear the work and the voices of people who are often under-represented in public radio.

We’re looking for true stories that focus on human relationships, with strong characters, a narrative arc, and a clear sense of what’s at stake. The ideal pieces are short and sweet, 2-8 minutes. We’ll occasionally consider pieces as long as 15 minutes, but nothing longer.

We’re also looking to collaborate with storytellers outside the world of radio and podcasting.

If you’re a non-fiction writer looking to partner with an audio producer to tell a story, get in touch with us and we’ll explore the possibilities. Similarly, if you’re a fan of AUTS and you or someone you know has a great local story to share, drop us a line and we’ll see what we can put together. We’re always looking for new ways to capture the voices of our community.

Got questions? Email us at audiounderthestars@gmail.com.