August 28, 2015 True Romance show.

A huge turnout for the True Romance show.

It was a little more than a year ago when a handful of audio lovers got the inspiration to put on a listening party outside and invite the whole world.  At the time we launched Audio Under The Stars, we thought a great turnout might be us and a dozen friends, lounging under party lights. We never could have imagined how quickly our audiences would grow, or the amazing amount of support we would find in the community.  The August show drew more than 400 people, all eager to share stories of love.

One of the favorites of the night was Reema Khrais’ story of Romania and Quincy Meyers, who fell in love on a DATA bus.

Now, after an incredible second season, the summer is almost over.  There’s just one more chance this year to join us in the backyard for inspiring audio.  We’ll share stories of good intentions, bad ideas, rescue, revival, and redemption. We hope to see you there!